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MP Dr. Vikram Sahney urges for speedy implementation of SCL Mohali expansion plan valued at rupees 10,000 crore.

Dr. Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Member of Parliament from Punjab has pressed for urgent action and swift implementation from the government regarding the establishment of Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing and Wafer Fabrication (Fab) facilities in Punjab, along with the upgradation and modernization of the Semi-Conductor Laboratory at SAS Nagar valued at rupees 10,000 crores

Dr. Sahney welcomed the governments decision for finalizing the modernisation plan of SCL Mohali and said that the partner for the same should be selected expeditiously as three projects in Gujarat and Assam has already been approved recently with private investors

Dr. Sahney highlighted Punjab’s strong ecosystem in Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM), citing existing units in fab manufacturing, telecom equipment, electronic testing labs, and state-of-the-art manufacturing lines.  He also emphasized the advantage of Punjab’s infrastructure, including India’s only large-scale ASIC Fabrication Laboratory at the Semi-Conductor Laboratory in SAS Nagar.

Dr. Sahney also mentioned that Punjab government has also submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Electronics and IT for establishment of a Semi-Conductor manufacturing unit at Rajpura for which land of 250 acre has already been identified. Central government should approve this proposal also.

In a written communication with IT Minister Sh. Ashwini Vaishnaw Dr. Sahney reiterated the critical importance of the semiconductor industry in the modern digital landscape. Citing recent data presented by the Ministry in the Rajya Sabha, Dr. Sahney emphasized that India stands as the second-largest importer of semiconductor chips globally, with a significant 92% surge in chip imports over the last three years. Projections indicate a substantial growth in semiconductor consumption, underlining the urgent need for domestic production facilities.

Dr. Sahney stated that the recent global semiconductor shortage has underscored the strategic significance of investing in semiconductor manufacturing, particularly for nations aiming to ensure digital sovereignty, critical infrastructure security, and defense system integrity. “Local production of semiconductor chips and allied items is essential for stabilizing the trade balance and reducing dependency on imports.” Dr. Sahney added.