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MP Vikramjit Sahney demands action against hate mongers on social media

Press Release


Vikramjit Singh Sahney, MP, Rajya Sabha from Punjab has expressed his anguish and deep concern on numerous social medial accounts engaging hate speech and propagating communal discord against Sikh community. In a letter written to Shri Anurag Thakur, Minister of Information & Broadcasting Shri Sahney demanded that such accounts should be blocked immediately utilizing the emergency power under IT Rules 2021 and FIRs should be lodged against the guilty so that it is a lesson for everybody to think before writing any degrading remarks about a particular community.

Shri Sahney enclosed a dossier of screenshots of such hateful remarks of various social media accounts which read like “Look how khalistani terrorists vandalize”, “In a scenarios where significant portion of Sikhs have become deadly terrorist khalistanis…. and others rapidly adopting anti national stances……” and “It is high time for 1984 once again”, and “Harmandir – a mandir was turned into Gurdwara by destroying idols, let us file a petition to claim Harmandir” ….and…. “now they need to be treated like 1984 Sikh massacre in every city in India” and “Sikh Gurus were rightly martyred by Muslim emperors…..”

Shri Sahney stated that some of these remarks are so derogatory and spreading communal tension in our country which should be nipped in the bud for peaceful coexistence of all religion and communities.