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World Punjabi Organisation celebrates “Dheeyan Di Lohri”

Press Release


World Punjabi Organisation celebrates “Dheeyan Di Lohri”

The festival inspires us for Love, Brotherhood &Women Empowerment: MP Vikram Sahney

The World Punjabi Organization (WPO) hosted a splendid celebration of Lohri on 14th January at Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi under the captivating theme “Dheeyan Di Lohri” (Lohri for the Daughters) The event not only honored the cultural richness of Lohri but also spotlighted the significance of women empowerment.


Sh. Sahney stated that the festivities unfolded with exhilarating Bhangra and Gidha performances, setting the stage ablaze with energy and essence of opulent Punjabi culture.


Sh. Sahney also said that the theme “Dhian Di Lohri” resonated throughout the celebration, underscoring the importance of recognizing and empowering women in all aspects of life.


Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi, Member of Parliament and Minister of State for the Ministry of External Affairs, adorned the event as the chief guest, emphasizing the importance of women’s roles in society.


Along with this, Prominent figure like Sdr. Tarlochan Singh, Sdr. SS Kohli, Sdr. HS Phoolka, Ms. Kiran Chopra, Sdr. HS Balli, Sdr. Daljit Nirmaan added prestige to the celebration. The glittering presence of Cine Star Upasna Singh and Sdr. Manjot Singh from the Animal movie fame further enriched the cultural tapestry of the event.


Sh. Sahney also said that the World Punjabi Organization (WPO) is a global non-political platform committed to celebrating Punjabi culture and heritage while advocating for social causes. Through events like the Grand Lohri Celebrations, WPO aims to bring communities together, fostering inclusivity, embracing Punjabiyat and empowerment on a global scale.