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Sufi Singer

Sufi Tradition’ has the capacity to bring and bind people together and generate peaceful relations at all levels. Sufism reproofs caste system or the narrow boundaries in the human psyche. Sufism creates a voice for secularism and composite culture. Sufism, in its own way, becomes ideology of connectivity, of tolerance, of love and compassion, of reconciliations and large-hearted forgiveness.

The important aspect of Sufism is the understanding that divinity can best be reached through the gateway of the human heart – that we all have paradise within us, if we know where to look… Sufis believe strongly in the power of music and poetry to move devotees towards greater love of God. Today in Sufi shrines, you can still see the devotees lifted by the music into a state of spiritual ecstasy, as means of spiritual healing.

Vikramjit Sahney and his love for Music, Art and Culture:

Mr. Sahney is a lover of the Arts and has a penchant for rhythms, music and sounds, in particular Sufi music. He is essentially drawn to Sufi music, sharing the ecstasy of wonderful links, through civilisations and also across borders, touching hearts and souls! He very rightly considers the historical and emotional connectivity as basis for spread of values of love, tolerance and co-existence of different philosophies and religions as a way of life. Through this medium, he is striving to rekindle and revive the message of universal human oneness and co-existence that the world of today needs to be reminded of. It has been no surprise to world at large on his churning out priceless and precious jewels in the form of music albums that are produced and sung by him, to the delight of all his fans who endearingly address him as ‘Vikram’.

In fact, music and soul poetry have been abiding interests of Vikram since his childhood. He is gifted with wealth of emotions and Goddess Saraswati in his voice. His voice is a blend of scintillating notes, his music is truly an experience that leaves one spellbound. It is a saga of redefining bonds with the self, what we identify as soul music. His melodious voice is extremely soothing and effervescent.

For a millennium now, the Sufi ideology has influenced several cultures, in Africa and along the shores of the Atlantic, to central Asia and India. Sufi music is enriched by all the cultures it embraces and all the languages in which it finds expression.