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MP Vikram Sahney raises Drug Supply Nexus issue in Parliament

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MP Vikram Sahney raises Drug Supply Nexus issue in Parliament

10 MPs associated themselves with his Speech

In a passionate address in the zero hour of the Parliament, Member of Parliament from Punjab Sh. Vikramjit Singh Sahney raised the alarming issue of drug abuse plaguing Punjab and other parts of India.

Highlighting recent instances of drug seizures, including a significant bust at Mundra Port, and BSFs drug bust operation on 1st February at Indo-Pakistan Border, Sahney underscored the intricate nexus fuelling the drug trade. He revealed connections between drug suppliers from Pakistan, recruitment of youth in border districts of Punjab, and Drug Mafias operating from the jails in India.

Sh. Sahney stated that infiltration of drugs via drones across the India-Pakistan border is a serious matter of concern, we need to take stringent measures to curb such activities.

Sh. Sahney also urged the government to prioritize the development of anti-drone technology to safeguard the youth from falling victim to drug addiction.

Sh. Sahney also said that the easy availibilty of drugs in Indian cities and Night clubs is eating the youth of our country like termite. We need to take strong and concerted action at all levels to combat the drug menace at war footing level by putting crackdowns on suppliers, tighter control over drug availability, and enhanced support for drug rehabilitation centres.

Sh. Sahney also appreciated the efforts of central government and Punjab government for establishing Anti-Narcotics Task Force and State Special Operation Cell to fight drug trafficking and smuggling.