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MP Vikram Sahney Advocates opening of land routes between India and CIS Countries

Press Release
Moscow, Russia
*MP Vikram Sahney Advocates opening of land routes between India and CIS Countries*
Dr. Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha from Punjab advocated the emergent need of opening up of land routes between India and CIS countries to augment the Agri Trade.
Dr. Sahney was speaking at BRICS Russia Conference on Food Security and Sustainable Agricultural Development in Moscow.
Dr. Sahney reiterated that it is imperative to open the land route for harnessing the trade opportunities between India, Afghanistan and various CIS countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc. it may be mentioned that the land route essentially Wagah integrated check post remains closed since last few years due to worsening relationship between India and Pakistan. “All the SCO countries will benefit from this and it will also help to reduce hostilities between neighbour countries”, Dr. Sahney added
Dr. Sahney mentioned the food security PM Gareeb Kalyan Anna scheme by India, which guarantees free food to 80 crore people.
Dr. Sahney stated that the poor farmers are not getting fair value of their produce, and the benefits of Farm to Fork are not reaching the farmers, He advocated the need for Co-operatives and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) in various BRICS Countries.
Dr. Sahney also highlighted that Intra BRICS trade is very minimal and exhorted the need for setting BRICS Agri Portal and BRICS Seed Bank.
Dr. Sahney also reiterated that Agri trade between India and Russia and other BRICS countries can be augmented, provided our Plant protection and Quarantine standards are harmonized, there is a vast potential in trade commodities like Wheat, rice, Barley, Yellow Peas, and sunflower oil, including Fruits and Vegetables which are short in Russia and CIS countries especially during winters.