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MP Vikram Sahney launches “Sikhya Langar Movement”

Press Release

6th August, 2023

MP Vikram Sahney launches “Sikhya Langar Movement”

Akal Takht Jathedar Sahib Chairs the Round Table Conference

Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Member of Parliament from Punjab hosted a round table conference in Amritsar today Under the Patronage of Jathedar Akal Takht Sahib and august presence of Heads of over fifty Singh Sabha Gurdwara committees from different parts of India and various Sikh Historians, Philosophers and Educationalists at Multi Skill Development Centre, Kabir Park of Sun Foundation.

Sh. Sahney said that today under the auspicious aegis of Singh Sahib Raghubir Singh Ji Jathedar Sri Akal Takht Sahib we have launched “Sikhya Langar Movement” as unanimously decided in the round table conference, the agenda of this movement is to provide Skilling for Jobs to the Sikh Youth by establishing Skill Development Centres at various Gurudwaras across the country with robust industrial connect for the placements so that Sikh youth can get employability skills and jobs in their native cities itself.

Sh. Sahney stated that we passed five resolutions in the conference unanimously

  • Each Gurdwara should allocate 15% to 25% of its Budget for Education
  • Every Gurudwara should have an Education Committee
  • Every Gurudwara should make a guideline for expenditure of this Fund, Focus should be on School Drop Outs and Higher Education.
  • Every Gurudwara should attempt to have a Skill Centre.
  • 20% of the Capital Expenditure of these Skill Centres will be paid by Sh. Vikramjit Singh Sahney

Sh. Sahney also said that Sun Foundation will partner with this movement as a Subject Expert, we have created different modules for over 30 skill courses which can be offered to youth in Gurudwaras, in association with National Skill Development Corporation we will also be providing all the curriculum for each course to the Gurudwara. They can guide us that what all courses they would like to start in their respective Gurudwara and we will assist them in establishing and running the Skill centre.

Along with this Sh. Sahney also announced that he will be contributing 20% of the capital expenditure to every gurudwara for establishment of the Skill Centre. “History tells us that Sikhs are the most Hardworking and Self Esteemed Clan on this planet, if we will provide right opportunities and platform to our youth, they have capacity of doing wonders and I am committed to provide it to our Youth” Sh. Sahney added.

Sh. Sahney stated that the current statistics show that there are presently only 56lakh families in Punjab and every year more than a lakh youth is travelling abroad with a view to settle, but with no vocation at hand. It is time we address the concerns of our youth by enabling platforms for learning and ensuring an environment where they are motivated to lead and prosper by requisite education and skills for jobs.

Sh. Sahney also appealed to Sikh industrialists in all the cities to contribute to the education fund in the respective Gurudwaras.