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MP Vikram Sahney commends MEA for resuming visa for Canada

Press Release

New Delhi

26 October 2023

MP Vikram Sahney commends MEA for resuming visa for Canada

Requests for E-Visa for cases of exigency

Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Member of Parliament from Punjab expresses gratitude to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for their decision to resume visa services for essential categories such as Medical, Business, Entry and Conference between India and Canada.

Sh. Sahney who has been pursuing the cause for resuming Visa services said that this vital step comes as a response to the numerous requests made by individuals and organizations on both sides of the border. While acknowledging the significance of these categories.

Sh. Sahney has requested that MEA should consider granting of E-Visas in case of exigencies.

In light of this development, Sh. Sahney urges the Indo-Canadian community to maintaining the integrity & harmony  as these relations lies not only with governments but also with the diaspora, including Gurudwaras.

Furthermore, Sh. Sahney appealed to the Indo-Canadian community to be cautious and vigilant and  disassociate from such fringe elements who seek to undermine the strong and harmonious bond that exists between India and Canada.

Sh. Sahney reaffirmed his commitment to working towards the betterment of Indo-Canadian relations and encourages the community to play an active and positive role in this endeavor.