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Member, World Economic Forum (WEF)

As a member of World Economic Forum (WEF) and a key driving force in transformation of India, Mr. Sahney has been playing a pivotal role through his vision and participation in many important sessions including the future of WEF in India; Future Scenario for Civil Society, Business and Govt. engagement in India; Role of young leaders in building of nation and society etc.

Ahead of the Forum opening an India office next year – its fourth outside of Geneva (the others being in Beijing, New York and Tokyo) – Mr. Sahney participates regularly to brainstorm on the Forum’s future in the country amongst other issues affecting the world economy.

On a more specific note, he feels that WEF should engage itself in issues ranging from agriculture to health and wellness by serving as a platform for information and best-practice exchange between India and other countries and regions around the world. He feels that there is need for the Forum to incubate future leaders through such platforms as the Young Global Leaders and the Global Shapers communities, where they can be trained and mentored by senior leaders in their fields.

Given the fast economic growth in some Indian states, he feels that there is a pressing need to engage more with the top leadership at the state level, perhaps by holding interactive sessions with state chief ministers in parallel with future Forum meetings. In his opinion, WEF could provide a platform for dialogue for multi-stakeholder action involving civil society, governments and the private sector.

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