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Member, Prime Minister’s India-Africa Business Council (IABC)

As an IABC member, Mr. Sahney has been dedicatedly working at enhancing economic linkages between India and Africa. His main endeavour has been to constitute a platform to strengthen economic ties between the respective business communities and facilitate a consultative process to address the issues that might deter the progress.

As part of the IABC business community, his attention has been focused towards boosting the trade flow between both countries through participation in deliberations at Presidential Palace, Pretoria and other platforms. Vikramjit Sahney has also been an active participant as the speaker of conclaves on India-Africa project partnerships that have been chaired by dignitaries like Dr. Rob Davies and Mr. Anand Sharma, Ministers of Commerce & Industry, South Africa and India respectively.

Mr. Vikramjit Sahney has been part of IABC business summit as also the member of Prime Minister Delegation for same for over years now.