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Former Chair, SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Mr. Sahney was the former Chair of SAARC Chambers of Commerce and Industry, which is an apex body of SAARC with its seat in Kathmandu. As the chair of SAARC CCI, Mr. Sahney had been playing a dominant role in capacity building and creating awareness within the SAARC region. He formulated ways to achieve trade liberalisation by actively participating in various national seminars, summits, conclaves and conferences with clear focus on economic cooperation and business development. Most of his recommendations and initiatives have been successfully implemented in collaboration with the business communities of SAARC countries. Some of these are:

  • Establishing a public-private partnership (PPP) in the region to attain economic cooperation and lead the region towards prosperity and sustainable economic growth.
  • Making several recommendations with regard to South Asian Preferential Trading Agreement (SAPTA), The South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA), visa exemption, liberalised visa regime between India and Pakistan and other issues to Secretariat (SAARC). These recommendations have been considered to a great extent.
  • Extending national welcome to the SAARC countries for participation in national trade fairs by Indian Government.
  • Aiming to improve transport infrastructure, rail link infrastructure and additional land trade routes to enhance transportation of goods.
  • Holding joint studies, conclaves and workshops on several issues including Trade Facilitation Services, Capacity Building, Health Care, Connectivity etc.
  • Supporting the banking sector by opening branches of nationalised banks of SAARC countries and mitigate Forex fluctuation and other risks, as well as raising low cost finance with speedy service. All these activities will act as catalysts in supporting the momentum towards economic growth in SAARC Nations to attain global scale and sustainable foothold in international markets.
  • Endorsing the potential, possibility and opportunity for a flourishing trade in the SAARC region.
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As former President, SSCI, Mr. Sahney has played an instrumental role in bringing together the cultural, peace missionaries & business community of SAARC region.