Chairman of the Sun Foundation and its Initiatives

Mr. Sahney has dedicated himself towards creating a humane & equitable society through his CSR initiative- Sun Foundation. Since its inception in 1998, Sun Foundation has been engaged in a number of social welfare activities. It has reached out to those who were incapacitated and has provided support to less-privileged section of society. A few hands joined up and it soon became a community mobilisation campaign. It strived to meet an end that was meant to be an opportunity for lesser privileged to grow and join the mainstream. The Foundation grew ever since, not only in database but also in compassion.



The aim of the Foundation is to work towards liberating destitute people from isolation, poverty and neglect. The Foundation has been championing the cause of disadvantaged people and enhance their quality of life so that they can live in dignity. The projects duly recognized by NSDC include Surya Kiran - free vocational and skill development training to underprivileged women and girls; Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Campaign to raise strong concern about exacerbating sex discrimination and female feticide through awareness campaign and Public interest messages; TaareZameen Par - free skill development centers for disabled needy youth; Angels of Sun -: scholarship to underprivileged children; Running Govt. Drug Rehabilitation centers in Amritsar, Taran Taran & Jalundhur; personal hygiene through skill training, production and free distribution of sanitary napkins; adopted Shivkarwadi & Suvidha Chawl in Mumbai under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan; extending aid to Children of poor widows, war victims, families of farmers who committed suicide in Vidharbha as also national disasters like tsunami etc. Under Mr. Sahney’s drive and able guidance the projects have been undertaken in six Indian states – Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Maharashtra and Internationally in South Africa, Jordan and Nepal.

Over the years Sun Foundation has grown and reached out to a large number of people with its dedicated and selfless service. The Foundation, through its wide range of activities, has enabled thousands of less privileged women, children, youth and differently abled section of our society to live with self-reliance and dignity.

  • Surya Kiran: Mr. Sahney has set up a unique concept of Surya Kiran Centres in different states. These are integrated centres with vocational training and skill development for underprivileged women and girls to empower and enable their participation in economic development of their family and society. The Foundation has been imparting training in different vocations like IT (Basic & Advance), Computer-Aided Designing, Lifestyle Products, Textile Designing, Pattern Making & Embroidery, Beauty Culture, Communication & Soft Skills etc. These centres are also being run for inmates of Nirmal Chaya, Tihar Jail premises. The centres are widespread with presence in different states and so far over 13000 beneficiaries have benefitted from this project. Some of the students trained in Surya Kiran centres are being employed as instructors and many have emerged as entrepreneur and making money out of the skill learnt which is again an inspiration for all students. These centres have received lots of appreciations by all the visitors from India & abroad.

  • Taare Zameen Par: The project empowers the differently abled youth by providing a platform for their economic self-reliance. Sun Foundation has been running vocational training centres integrated with skill development for young adults with disabilities who can and want to work. The vocational training centres have the required expertise and infrastructure to give training in courses such as computer data entry operator, tailoring, textile designing etc. Taare Zameen Par started in 2008 and since then nearly 2000 children have benefitted under this project.

      The package of courses in each centre is designed keeping in view the interests & the foster the ability of the beneficiaries. The skill development centres conduct training courses of 6 months to 1 year duration on regular basis throughout the year. After successful completion of the course, students are awarded a certificate by Sun Foundation. Social Ambassadors of the foundation are Navin Gulia, Diwaakar, Pradeep Raj, Mamta, Vinod Thakur, Meghna who have achieved rare distinctions in their fields and are role models for others. Our Skill centre at Govt. Lady Noyce Sr. Secondary School for deaf and dumb children has been appreciated by diplomats, Ministers & officials from India & Abroad during their visits.


    To strengthen the efforts of Government in liberating the society against drug abuse and bringing them to the mainstream, Sun Foundation has been running Swami Vivekanand Govt. rehabilitation Centres at Amritsar, Taran Taran and Jalandhar. Along with providing free skill development, the Foundation also engages them in recreation, sports and counselling along the way. They are taught various skills including Electrician, Welder, Mobile hardware repair, computer, English speaking and personality development. They are positively engaged through recreational and motivational therapies including instrumental music, dance, gym, yoga, meditation, and other indoor recreation. The faculty also keeps them motivated by celebrating their birthdays.



    The Foundation is also proud to have made history and entered into the Guineess Book of World Records by getting nearly 9000 youth of Amritsar to pledge against Drug Abuse in the most innovative manner – through dance performance with the slogan “Shake Your Legs, Keep Away from Drugs”. This was to the tune of inspiring lyrics “Karo Iraada, Pakka Vada, Aaj Nasha Tum Chodoge” rendered by Mr. Sahney himself.



  • Save the Girl Child Campaign: In our country the girl child is a victim of gender discrimination and female foeticide - one of the gravest concerns facing the society. Sun Foundation has launched an extensive campaign to create social awareness about evils of discrimination against the girl child and to bring about a positive change. Ms. Priyanka Chopra, Bollywood actor, joined Sun Foundation’s campaign and became its social ambassador to spread the message of “save the girl child”.


      Mr. Sahney has produced several music albums and Public Interest Messages dedicated to the noble cause of saving the girl child. The Mobile Van promotes the girl child campaign in villages, semi urban and urban areas. Mr. Sahney believes that every girl child birth in a family should be celebrated as we do when a boy is born. It is this mindset which needs to be changed. The teams through village Sarpanch’s identify the homes where a girl is born and reach their homes .They distribute sweets and gifts to the girl child and their parents. Street theatre is organised and films are screened on awareness. He is also financially supporting the upbringing and development of girl child. Mr. Sahney perceives that every girl born in India is ‘Miss India’ as she will make her family, village and nation proud. The Foundation has distributed bicycles to girls students to encourage them to go to school and feel emancipated and not feel caged at home. The Foundation’s case studies have become their strength that has translated and ushered a new area of enlightenment. He is getting full support from the local people who have led Sun Foundation projects into a mass campaign.


  • Angels of Sun: In 2009 Sun Foundation started Angels of Sun, a project to promote education among children from extremely poor and destitute families. Primary objective of this project is to provide support to children who, on account of difficult family circumstances, may never have access to proper education and opportunity to grow up as valuable members of society. The Sun Foundation gives stipend to 373 under-privileged children to cover school fees, cost of Uniform & Books etc.

  • Personal Hygiene – Sanitary Napkin Production Training and Free Distribution : Committed to the personal hygiene, we set up sanitary napkin production and training facility at Nirmal Chaya at Tihar Jail complex and have been training girls residing in the premises girls in the production of sanitary napkins under well controlled and hygienic conditions. The project includes advocacy in personal hygiene, skilling in production of sanitary napkins, incentivizing through payments to inmates for production and donating all produce to the society, all at our own cost. The product has been cleared under quality and grading from Sigma Test & Research Centre, Delhi

  • Packing training:Widows(Senior citizens) who are residing in Govt. Swadhar Grih, Krishan Kutir, Vrindavan, Sun Foundation providing them life skill training which has meaning to their lines through motivating them by keeping busy in packing training of Agarbatti, Shagun envelop & basic envelops of various sizes to increase their life spam.

  • Madrsa Chirag Ulmm,Varanasi :Sun Foundation has been providing entrepreneurship skills to students of Madrasa Chirag Ulmm, Varanasi. Although the students belong to the community of rural weavers who have skills in weaving since generations, providing skill training to the students in textile designing, drafting and tailoring as also in basic computer has been aiding in modernizing and elevating their family business of generations to bring on digital platform thus bringing themselves to be at par with global entrepreneurs. Since the start of training in 2017, almost 900 students have benefitted from our training.
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Vikram Sahney
Since its inception, Sun Foundation has been engaged in a number of social welfare activities mainly for providing support to less privileged sections of society. Through its projects it promotes the right of underprivileged to enjoy a life of good health and equal opportunity.