Member, Prime Minister's India South Africa CEO Forum

As one of the members of India South Africa CEO Forum, Mr. Sahney together with other captains of trade and industry from India, and South Africa have committed to support their governments in bolstering relationships between the two countries, with India's Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma affirming to elevate this engagement to a 'higher level'.

Buoyed by the blessings and commitment of Anand Sharma and his South African counterpart Rob Davies, the CEOs hold formal meetings twice a year once in India and once in South Africa.

The CEOs give their inputs or recommendations to the governments on a bi-annual basis. The governments of both India and South Africa are supportive of this CEOs' Forum and are extremely receptive towards its recommendations. The role of this Forum is extremely important as India is South Africa's 10th largest foreign investor and South African firms are beginning to get involved in India to an increasing extent. This has led to almost achieving target of taking the trade to $20 billion in 2012.

Vikram Sahney
Mr. Vikramjit Sahney has made valuable contribution towards strengthening of trade and sociocultural ties between India and South Africa through Prime Minister's India South Africa CEO Forum.