A self-made man and a true visionary, Vikramjit Sahney is a multifaceted personality playing many roles with panache. Reputed entrepreneur, philanthropist and social reformer – he advocates that extending a helping hand to uplift the oppressed is humility and humanity. A true visionary, Mr. Sahney’s persona is the motivating and guiding force behind the success of his establishment as also towards several empowerment initiatives for social and humanitarian cause.

His mantra of life - work is worship and charity is path to nirvana - is truly elucidated in supporting the noble cause of giving helping hand to the needy and empowering them for equitable opportunities in life.

Sun Group

Within a short span, Sun Group has become one of India's leading international trading and consultancy organisations.

Sun Foundation

Sun Foundation has embarked upon a journey to create a humane and sustainable Indian society.


Mr. Vikramjit Sahney is the international President of WPO, which is an International body to bring about "Punjabi Renaissance".