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Association with IBSA


Mr. Sahney has addressed the issues of meaningful coordination and contribution in IBSA in terms of development in the IBSA countries, and also the impact of their policies for other countries. He has also contributed a lot towards role of these countries in shaping world economy.

  • Mr. Sahney has always stressed upon the combined and strengthened co-operation between India, Brazil and South Africa in key issues on the global agenda.
  • He has espoused on enhanced policy dialogue and its effective implementation towards the achievement of inclusive growth and human development.

IBSA Trilateral Dialogue Forum is a unique model of transnational co-operation, as the three countries that come from three different continents, share similar views and business aspirations. This organisation has become instrumental in promoting closer coordination on global issues between three large multicultural and multiracial democracies of Asia, South America and Africa, and contributed to enhancing trilateral India-Brazil-South Africa cooperation in sectoral areas.

Under this dialogue, the Prime Minister of India, the President of Brazil and the President of South Africa re-affirmed their commitment to the promotion of peace, security and sustainable economic and social development in the world and in their respective regions under following broad categories:

  • International peace and security
  • Promoting advanced agricultural methods
  • Condemning international terrorism
  • Capacity building in areas of digital inclusion and e-governance to reduce the digital divide
Vikram Sahney
The importance of the IBSA Dialogue Forum goes beyond its positive impact on India-Brazil-South Africa relations. The Forum, consisting of three large developing countries, provides a framework that will give additional impetus to further contacts between Asian, South American and African developing countries, thus contributing to strengthening South-South cooperation.