Event Details

National Seminar on Foreign Trade Policy at FICCI on 28th Aug, 2009.

As ex Co-Chairman of Foreign Trade Committee and member of Executive Committee of FICCI, Mr. Vikramjit Singh Sahney co-sponsored the National Seminar on “Foreign Trade Policy", followed by lunch at FICCI in New Delhi, immediately after the announcement of the comprehensive new Foreign Trade Policy, on 28 August 2009.

The seminar was well attended by fraternity from different sectors of industry involved in foreign trade including pharmaceuticals, exports, publication houses, inter-state traders, tourism etc. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anand Sharma, Minister for Commerce & Industry promised that the figure for foreign direct investment for current fiscal year would match that of last year which was about $27 billion. He was upbeat about India being an attractive destination for foreign investments.

Addressing the eminent guests present in the seminar, Mr. Vikramjit Singh Sahney applauded the current years’ FTP by acknowledging that the policy is well balanced with short term and long term vision providing a good road map for the development of India’s foreign trade for next five years. The key aspects have been addressed very realistically with emphasis on transaction costs, conservative foundation but with an eye to diversify export products and markets.

Mr. Sahney observed that there is yet to be a turnaround in the world economy but the “green shoots” are just a matter of time where we hold on to conservative market but rightly engaging in new and emerging ones.