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Sun Foundation sponsored the launch of ‘EcoSikh’ in India with joint participation of UNDP, SCORE & ARC on 6 July, 2009.

'EcoSikh' is Sikh response to global warming and climate change. It is an initiative that aims to build on its history and enable Sikh communities around the world to connect and celebrate their relationship with the environment and respect this unparalleled gift of God in solidarity with one another.

The condition of our planet continues to deteriorate and unsustainable environmental practices are affecting every community worldwide. The past few years have borne witness to remarkable steps taken by Sikhs around the globe. Sikhs are leaders in practicing organic and natural farming, building support for recycling programs, and targeting the socio-economic roots that plague the systemic nature of environmental injustice, among other things. Most, if not all of these efforts, share common inspiration that began with the revelations of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and continued through history up to the launch of Bhagat Puran Singh’s environmental awareness campaign over fifty years ago and the continued efforts of today’s Sikh eco-pioneers.

EcoSikh is committed to provide a plan that we can all implement over the next five years to cultivate best practices, inspire on-the-ground activism, address the issues that each of our communities face, and celebrate the ways in which being Sikh is being green.